Commercial roof repairs are often needed after the area endures harsh weather. Snow and ice damage commonly plague area buildings during winter months, but summer weather can also result in damage requiring immediate repairs. Roofing professionals suggest commercial property owners contract for a roof inspection after harsh weather to head off potential for interior damage.

Area commercial roofing specialists like Front Range Storm Contractors recognize the unique needs presented by the different roofing systems utilized for area business structures. Expertise in EPDM, metal and built-up roofing systems, for example, is an absolute necessity for protecting structures and their contents. Each of the roofing types requires different techniques when maintenance is required.

While commercial roof repair in Aurora should never be neglected, property owners or tenants may not even be aware a problem exists. Regular inspections of all roofing is recommended to resolve minor issues before they can cause structural damage. Inspections should be budgeted as a routine maintenance expense, as a complete inspection now can save significant amounts of money later.

However, at some point repairs are no longer practical, and replacing the roofing system will be required. Commercial roofing experts work with property owners to determine what type of roofing system should be installed. Simply because a built up asphalt roof system was used in the past does not mean re-installing the same system provides the best protection for the structure now. Alternative systems are routinely installed because they are lighter, easier to install and last longer than older style systems. While modern roofing materials may cost more, lower labor costs for installation often offset that cost difference. Newer systems generally take less time to install, allowing a business to resume all normal activities faster than with older systems.

Specialists providing commercial roof repair in Aurora help prevent losses due to water damage when normal maintenance is performed. When a roof system is nearing the end of its useful life, roofing contractors work with property owners to select the best system to replace the existing system. Before making a recommendation, the specialists will analyze the structure to determine which systems would best meet the structural and budgetary requirements. The goal is always to protect the building itself from sustaining damage and to protect the structure’s contents.

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