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A Closer Look at the Holy Basil Supplement

The holy basil supplement is one that is well known and long-used in Indian traditional medicine, but it is only recently gaining attention in North America. Found naturally in India, it’s considered a scared plant there that is often planted around Hindu shrines. When used for a host of purposes, this natural supplement can produce rather beneficial effects.

Main Uses and Benefits

The holy basil supplement has long been used in Indian medicine to treat a host of conditions or prevent them from forming. It is also used in some traditional food dishes because of its hot peppery taste.

Here are just a few of the reported benefits of holy basil:


  • Fighting infections – Holy basil is considered a strong infection fighter. It’s used in Indian medicine to treat such conditions as stomach upsets, fever, malaria, TB, the common cold, flu, asthma and more. It is believed that medicine made from its leaves, stems and seeds has a powerful antioxidant effect that can help the body fight off these conditions and many more.


  • Blood sugar control – The holy basil supplement is also used to help control blood sugar levels in some cases. It is thought that some of the chemicals found in this plant are able to naturally lower blood sugar levels, which can be helpful in treating diabetes and other related conditions.


  • Inflammation fighting – This natural supplement is also believed to have a strong anti-inflammatory property that can be useful in treating a host of conditions. Its chemicals have been reported to decrease pain while lowering inflammation levels, which is why it is often used for treating ear infections.
  • Cancer fighting – Researchers are discovering that the oil derived from holy basil can be beneficial in fighting some forms of cancer. Preliminary research shows that this oil has the ability to slow progression of certain forms of cancer in animals while increasing survival rates. This is attributed to the natural antioxidants found in holy basil.

Holy basil supplement products have a long list of potential uses. It is important to buy this product from a reputable supplier that takes purity of its products seriously. The recommended use of holy basil is only for a short period of time, typically meant to fight infections or treat conditions that are temporary.

Holy basil supplement can have a number of benefits. Find out more by visiting us online at health2nite.com.

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