Choosing a Tin Ceiling Tile Over a Wood Beams on Long Island, NY

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Construction & Maintanance

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Ceilings are quickly becoming the focal point of designers in Long Island, NY. After all, most people are only aware of the basic white ceiling and many people run from the popcorn ceiling. However, designers are being to recognize that the ceiling can become incorporated into a room’s design. They are beginning to see the ceiling as an opportunity to add a design element. While wood has traditionally been the choice in ceiling decoration, tin tiles are quickly gaining in popularity over the choice of wood beams. There are several reasons for this.

The Tin Ceiling Tile on Long Island, NY is a fairly easy ceiling design to install. The tiles themselves are light-weight and easily mounted to the ceiling. Installation requires a two-man team. Whereas with the wooden beam, the ceiling needs to be adequately reinforced to hold the extra weight. Plus, it is requires more than two people to maneuver it in place. Just the installation alone for wooden beams can cost somewhere in the thousands of dollars.

Another advantage that tin tiles have over wooden beams is that they fit into many different design styles. Wooden beams are symbolic of only a few select styles. But the tin tiles can fit into many different styles. The tile fits in perfectly with romantic kitchen designs or European-inspired sophistication. The designs on the tiles can be customized for your kitchen or for any room in your home. After all, they are meant to add that interesting element that makes the room pop.

But the big thing about Tin Ceiling Tile on Long Island, NY is that it is truly unique. Each tin ceiling is different in nature based on the ceiling and how it is incorporated into the ceiling. Wood beams are a less impressive design feature since they are basically all the same in regards to placement and look. When you enter a home with wooden beams, there is no surprise factor to this feature.

Tin tiles are a unique design option for many areas in your home. You can get started by consulting the Abingdon Construction to add this eye-catching feature to your home.

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