Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Bedroom at Mattress Sales in Hickory NC

by | May 11, 2013 | Shopping

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If you are remodeling a bedroom, you may be trying to decide on what is the Best Mattress and bed size for the room. While many people believe bigger is better, this is not always the case. A big bed may be nice and comfortable, but it may also make moving about in the room tight and cramped. It is best to choose the size of a bed and mattress according to the size of the room. You can easily find the perfect mattress set at Mattress Sales Hickory NC.

If you have a large room and you prefer to use the bed as the main focal point of the room, a medium size bed, such as a full size, will work nicely. This will still allow for plenty of room to get around the bed for making it and changing sheets. A canopy over a medium sized bed can also make it a lovely focal point. However, this can depend upon whether or not the bed is for a male or female, as some males would not want a canopy.

If the room is only medium in size and only one person will be sleeping in it, a single bed and mattress may be most fitting. This gives plenty of walk room and plenty of room for a dresser, chest, or nightstands. Adding a matching night stand with a stylish lamp next to the head of a single size bed on each side gives the appearance that the bed is actually a bit larger than it really is. This makes a very nice focal point for a medium sized room. Adding colorful area rugs around a bed is also a stylish additional touch.

Finding the perfect bedding for your bedroom should not be difficult at all when shopping at Mattress Sales Hickory NC. There are a wide range of styles, sizes and brands to choose from that are fitting for every customer’s needs. Knowing what size bed you will be putting in the bedroom before you shop, makes this decision even easier. You can make your bedroom look new and beautiful again in no time at all.

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