Choosing a Small Office Space for Rent Location

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Real Estate

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One of the biggest decisions a business owner must consider when choosing an office space is the location where they will set up shop. A location, like many features of a small office space for rent, can make or break a business. Because of the importance of choosing a spot that will suit your company’s needs the best, there are many points to consider before signing a lease for a specific location.

Is the area itself an expensive location?
Major cities and metropolitan areas are typically the most expensive locations for a small office space for rent. Manhattan, like any large city, is no exception. When making a decision about whether or not it’s necessary for your business to spend more on a more pricey location, consider your clients. Do many of your clients do business downtown already? Would the type of service you provide also do well in a larger, more suburban office park?  Consider who will be visiting your office, and weigh the pros and cons of both types of locations.

Do you need to be close to suppliers?
Businesses that offer a tangible product should consider an office location’s proximity to their warehouses and suppliers. Meeting the supply and demand needs of your client base will be a smoother process if you have your suppliers readily accessible to you, especially if the product you produce is time-sensitive.

Who is your targeted work force?
If you are seeking employees who are highly skilled professionals, consider which neighborhoods and suburban areas these individuals reside in, and choose a location for your office space that is within commuting distance of these individuals. Similarly, if you are looking for workers with a skill set that allows them flexibility and late hours – for example, retail or mass transit, consider locating closer to urban areas. Take the time to research your area and choose a location that is strategically focused on the types of employees you are seeking to attract.

Who are your customers?
It’s a basic fact that retail establishments are more successful when grouped with other retailers. Similarly, service industries do well when located close to those they hope to provide services for. Consider who you are trying to service, and locate your business in an area that is accessible to those customers.

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