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Choosing the Right Hotel in the Westlands District of Nairobi Kenya

Originally a residential neighborhood during Kenya’s colonial period, the Westlands area of Nairobi became a perfect choice for businesses and hotels when land and office space became too scarce and expensive. Nicknamed “Westie” by the local youth, the Westlands has many attractions popular with visitors to Kenya including shopping malls, banks, and museums. The area also includes relief services and other charities, as well as many country embassy buildings and office buildings. Choosing a hotel in Westlands means that you will be in an area with many other international travelers and residents, so many of the local services surround the needs of these people.

What to Expect from a Hotel in the Westlands District

In the popular Westlands district, there are a number of hotel choices with professional staff and management who make it their business to ensure you have a great visit in Kenya. Here are some things you can expect from a well run hotel in Westlands district:

Delicious (and Safe) Food – Looking for something with local flair that you don’t have to be concerned about eating? The restaurant inside a luxury hotel in Westlands is likely a great place to find safe, delicious food with an authentic African touch. Enjoy delicious international delicacies such as beef and vegetable samosas, spicy gizzards, and grilled lamb chop barbeque. Not really into unusual foods? No problem – this type of hotel will most likely cater to American tastes as well with offerings such as chicken strips, continental breakfasts, and other familiar foods.

Comfortable Lodging – If you’re worried about sleeping on grass mats in a mud hut, you’ve got the wrong idea completely. Though these types of residences are common for rural folks native to Kenya, a luxury hotel in Westlands is aware of what Americans are used to. Hotel suites are spacious, comfortable, and full of modern conveniences such as warm showers and entertainment centers with complimentary wi-fi and satellite TV. This type of living arrangement makes it possible to enjoy a comfortable stay in between your tours into the surrounding areas.

Fair Prices – Though the accommodations may seem like 5 star luxury, you’ll find yourself paying reasonable rates for large and spacious multi-bedroom suites when you stay at a hotel in Westlands Kenya. Online reservations are usually available for your convenience, so you can plan ahead and make sure everything is in order for your stay.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Westlands with the comforts of home, look no further than a simple online reservation. Browse our website Website URL & you’ll find delicious cuisine, comfortable lodging, spa services, and fair prices at a luxury hotel in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.