Choosing Eco-Friendly Delivery Cycles Jan23


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Choosing Eco-Friendly Delivery Cycles

Many large cities have limited mobility for large trucks and other standard delivery vehicles. A three-wheeled delivery bike could provide an affordable option for the urban delivery, transportation and food vendor industries. They are eco-friendly and can travel almost anywhere, including places four-wheeled trucks are off-limits.

Low Impact

With low to zero carbon footprint, three-wheeled Coaster Cycles have reduced over 500,000 pounds of emissions. Pedal power could allow for greener delivery, food sales and people transport. Moreover, the use of delivery bikes could encourage healthier communities and more sustainable cities.

Options to Meet Every Need

Gone are the days when three-wheeled cycles brought to mind only pedicab rides from a parking lot to a stadium concert. From food and beverage service to flat-bed delivery and pedicabs, commercial trikes could make any business more accessible. Picture the marketing possibilities of using a delivery cycle at the next major outdoor event.

Food carts come in options such as the classic umbrella cart to custom-designed draft beverage service cycles. Cargo styles range from small flat-bed bikes to large-capacity haulers which can provide cold or hot storage. Pedicab versions come in open and covered models. All delivery bikes can be built to fit the needs of any company.

The Go-Anywhere Vehicle

With urban areas becoming more and more congested each year, some city centers have begun to put limits on the number and size of vehicles allowed. Three-wheeled cycles are probably allowed to go anywhere a regular bicycle can. Companies that have relied on traditional truck delivery in the past could now look at greener choices for future events.

If that annual festival in the middle of town has suddenly become a no-go area for trucks and other motor vehicles, it could be time to consider other forms of transportation. Proudly made in Montana, we can fabricate a bike for any purpose. Call or visit the website to find out about custom options and financing.

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