Choosing A Landscape Design In Milwaukee, WI That Involves Installing A Walkway That Is Lined With Shrubs And Lights Jun25


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Choosing A Landscape Design In Milwaukee, WI That Involves Installing A Walkway That Is Lined With Shrubs And Lights

If it is inconvenient to walk across a yard to enter a garage on days that are raining, due to puddles that have formed, installing a paved walkway will improve the appearance of a piece of property and will prevent shoes from becoming muddy. The following steps describe how to achieve this type of landscape design in Milwaukee, WI that is lined with flowering shrubs and lighting.


  • measuring tape
  • ground marking spray paint
  • rake
  • garden tiller
  • large shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • topsoil
  • paving stones
  • tamping tool
  • small shovel
  • flowering shrubs
  • water hose
  • gravel
  • LED lighting kit

Marking And Clearing Property And Installing Paving Stones

A measuring tape can be used to determine how many paving stones will be needed. After choosing a portion of the ground that will be covered with a walkway, the area can be outlined with ground marking spray paint. Leaves and twigs should be removed from the marked section by hand or by collecting them with a rake. Sod can be loosened with a garden tiller. A tiller should be moved across property in straight lines.

Shovelfuls of sod can be placed in a wheelbarrow with other yard waste, allowing an individual to easily move the items across their yard. If there are any indentations in the surface of the property, soil should be added to them. Paving stones need to be lined up next to each other before pushing each one against the ground’s surface. A tamping tool can be used to press each stone downwards if doing it by hand does not work.

Planting Shrubs And Installing Lights

After selecting flowering shrubs to line the walkway with, small holes should be dug that will support each shrub’s root system. Once roots have been placed inside of the holes, shovelfuls of soil should be used to fill in gaps. The base of each shrub needs to be watered with a hose. A layer of decorative gravel can be placed around each shrub and will draw attention to the plants. A LED lighting kit can be installed next to the walkway, increasing visibility when it is dark outdoors. Many types of lights are battery-operated or solar powered and do not require many steps to install them.

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