When Does Your Child Need to See the Kid’s Dentist in Haymarket VA?

Until your child is older, their oral hygiene is your responsibility. Most children do not know how to properly keep their teeth clean, through brushing and flossing, so this will be your responsibility. It is important to begin your child’s oral health routine before he or she even cuts the first tooth. Using a soft cloth, you can wipe the gums clean after each feeding. Once they begin to cut teeth, you will need to gently brush the teeth at least twice a day. This is also when your child will need to begin seeing the Kids dentist in haymarket va. Your care coupled with the care provided by the dentist will help to keep your child’s dental health at its very best.

What Can You Expect From the Care Provided by the Kids Dentist Haymarket VA?

When it comes time for your child’s first dental appointment, you may be a little nervous. This is normal and should not concern you. Knowing what to expect at your child’s dental appointment will help to set your mind at ease, so your child will feel more relaxed as well. When arriving for the appointment, make sure you are prepared to answer questions about your child’s health. The dentist will need to know about any health concerns with your child’s teeth and with his or her overall health. This will assist the dentist in being better able to treat your child for any dental concerns.

First, his or her teeth will be cleaned. The cleaning process is very gentle for a baby and will involve using a non-fluoride toothpaste. When your child grows older, fluoride treatments will help to keep the teeth strong and healthy. Once your child’s teeth have been cleaned, the dentist will examine your baby for any signs of cavities or growth issues. Until your child is five or older, he or she will not have any X-rays taken.

After your child’s appointment, the dentist will give you information on continuing care at home. In partnership with your child’s dentist, you can both work towards keeping his or her teeth as healthy as possible. For more information on your child’s dental care.