Checking Out Your Roofing Plymouth MA

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Roofing

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Every home owners needs to take steps to ensure that all parts of his home are in good conditions, including the roofing system. The longevity and functionality of a roofing system depends upon finding defects in a roofing system as soon as possible so they can be repaired. According to the National Contractor Roofing Association, Roofing in Plymouth MA should be inspected twice a year for maximum benefits. This maintenance should take place when the weather is conducive to the task.

When inspecting a roofing system, the number one priority is safety. If you will be climbing onto a roof, make sure the ladder you use is on a flat surface that is not slippery. Some people even use special protective climbing equipment such as carabiners, ascenders, ascender lanyards, and work positioning harnesses. It’s advisable to have another person with you when ascending any type of Roofing Plymouth MA. You will need a flashlight with a high-intense beam to carefully look at all parts of the roof.

If you choose to start this preventive maintenance by checking out your rooftop, work your way around the perimeter or your house first so you won’t miss any defects. Look at the flashing to see if any rust spots or cracked caulk are present. The flashing is sheets of plastic, metal, or other material certain angles and joints where a roof meets a wall or chimney. Carefully view all the shingles to make sure they are in good shape. Note if there are any buclkling, curling, or blistering. Broken or missing shingles should also be noted so they can be replaced at a later time. Inspect the gutter system to look for excess granules from the shingles. This can be indicative of the deterioration of one or more shingles.

After you have thoroughly looked at your rooftop, head up to the attic to check out the underside of ther roofing. It’s a good idea to shine the light from one end of the attic to the other so you won’t miss any spots. Look for any light shining through the roof and dark spots that can indicate the presence of a leak.

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