Cheap, Fast Bail Bonds in Peoria, AZ: No One Should Have to Sit in Jail Mar13


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Cheap, Fast Bail Bonds in Peoria, AZ: No One Should Have to Sit in Jail

Cash is king, but it isn’t the only currency that talks to the courts or to the bail bond agents. Bail bonds in Peoria AZ, are some of the most affordable on the market, with alternative payment options and no-interest repayment plans to boot. Here’s an overview.

Got Guns? Get Bailed Out
When the court sets bail and families can’t pay, a bond agent means the difference between pre-trial jail time and pre-trial freedom. A bond is an insured promised from the agent to the court. It guarantees repayment on the defendant’s behalf should the latter flee trial proceedings.

Bail bonds cost about 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount. Acceptable forms of payment differ between agents, but they might include cash, credit cards, PayPal, cashier’s checks and electronic bank transfers.

When Collateral Comes Into Play
Collateral is an item of value whose liquidation serves as a form of payment to the bond agent or the court. When the bond fee exceeds available forms of tender, friends and families can offer firearms, electronics, jewelry, cars with titles and real estate as forms of payment or guarantees of repayment in lieu of a fleeing defendant.

In addition, bond co-signers with gainful employment and good credit might be eligible to finance the entire bail bond fee and then repay it in comfortable installments later on. The bond fee, called the premium, is nonrefundable and may include court filing costs.

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