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A Car Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI Will be the Help You Need if You Are Injured in a Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident which is not your fault and your injuries are painful you will feel overwhelmed and alone. Your family is with you, but they really do not understand the next steps toward protecting the interest of yourself and your family.

Else is the help you need. An attorney knows the first steps to take in protecting your interests. Information about the accident is important so the attorney will begin his work by taking your statement about the accident. This helps frame the liability.

Next, he will look at the accident scene for any problems with the road which may have contributed to the accident. An inspection of the other vehicle involved is important. For example, he will look at the overall condition of the car which will indicate the driver’s care of the vehicle. The attorney may hire a person to inspect the vehicle for mechanical defects such as bad brakes, bald tires, broken steering components and any other part which contributed to the accident. This work is part of the thorough job an attorney does to prepare a complaint to file in court or to begin negotiations with the driver’s insurance company.

Your medical records will be reviewed including any statements made by an EMS crew and the Emergency Room staff. All medical records following the initial treatment will be reviewed by the attorney, and he may ask an expert in a specific medical field to examine the records and give his opinion. The prognosis for your recovery will also be important. The length of time required for your recovery will be a critical factor for the attorney’s discussion with the driver’s insurance company.

The Car Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI will get your car repaired or get a new car for your family. He may also be able to recover some of your lost wages.

All of the work the attorney does can be supplemented by the process of a deposition which means he can subpoena a person to testify under oath without going to court. This process is a great tool at getting at the facts and the evidence.

When all of the facts are put together they will form a presentation to the insurance company for a settlement. If the insurance company declines to settle, then your attorney can proceed to trial.

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