Can Your Dentures Be Repaired?

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Dentist

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If you are someone who wears dentures then you know that dentures are one of the things that you rely on to perform the most basic of daily tasks. Dentures are necessary not only for eating but for talking and carrying on normal conversations. Denture wearers rely on their dentures, which is why it can be so frustrating when dentures break. The good news is that if you are looking for denture repairs in Las Vegas, most damage to dentures can be fixed without too much difficulty.

There are many reasons that dentures break. Age can be a factor, which is why some dentists and oral health professionals suggest that you get new dentures every seven years. Another reason to change dentures is that as your body ages, so does your jaw and facial bones. These changes can cause the fit of your dentures to change which can result in discomfort and even lead to breaks.

Another reason that dentures can become damaged is that they are not as strong as human teeth. The materials used to make dentures, like plastic and metal, can degrade in the damp environment of the mouth. Eating, chewing and even talking can also cause those materials to wear down and become weaker.

Some damage to dentures can be minor like chips or small cracks. Larger cracks, complete breaks or losing teeth from the denture are more troubling problems. Not only are they more difficult to fix, but the damage may make it difficult or impossible to wear your dentures, which means that you may need quick Dentures repairs in Las Vegas.

Small chips and most cracks are easy to repair. Even if you have lost a tooth from your denture, oral health professionals can usually craft a new tooth to match the others. More complicated breaks create more complicated repairs. However, given the quality materials that are now available to repair dentures there is a good chance that even the most complicated of breaks can be fixed.

If you are wondering whether the damage to your dentures is too extensive for dental repairs in Las Vegas, a good general guideline is to think of your dentures as a jigsaw puzzle. If you put all the pieces back together and haven’t lost any parts then there is a good chance that they can be repaired successfully.

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