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Can a Veterinarian Recommend Pet Sitters?

Have you ever wondered how to find the right pet sitter to watch and care for your furry friend? Many pet owners have this important issue lingering in their minds.  While some turn to websites like Craigslist, others actually rely on the advice of their veterinarians. Here are a few reasons why taking a vet’s advice on pet sitters is exceedingly worthwhile.

Vets are Trained Professionals
This is the obvious reason, but digging a bit deeper, due to their professional standing, veterinarians are more plugged into the individuals or companies that are exceptional regarding pet sitting. You may get a personal, instead of a professional referral from your veterinarian. Brooklyn, NY, due to its size, may have a small personal network of pet sitters who they may rely on. Believe it or not there are professional organizations for pet sitters that vets are privy to. Getting this information into your hands will prove priceless.

Vets Have Customers from Every Career Sector
Pet sitters can also double as customers to local veterinarians. Many people who own a pet sitting or boarding company, are also pet owners. It is not uncommon for pet sitters to bring their pets to the local vet. Additionally, many pet sitters may actually be a part of the vet’s front office or clinical staff. In short, you just never know who you are sitting next to in the waiting room at the pet clinic.

Vets Can Give Pointers on What to Look For
There are several things that a veterinarian may ask you to consider as you embark on your journey to hire a great pet sitter. The two most important are the pet sitter’s association with a vet (in case of emergencies) and commercial liability insurance. Notice, a pet sitter having a good association or relationship with a vet is essential. This is the core reason why your veterinarian should be the first person you ask for a referral from when it comes to finding a good pet sitter. Sure, there are plenty of other tips that your vet may give to you, but the above mentioned are the essentials.

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