Call Wildcat Exterminating Inc. to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Pest Control

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The last thing anyone wants to find in their home is a bed bug infestation, but it can happen any time, in any home. Bed bugs are ugly little insects that do bite people. Their bites are not poisonous, but they can cause reactions in anyone with sensitivities. Anyone who thinks that they have bed bugs in their home needs to know how to identify these creatures, so they know how to correctly deal with the problem. They will usually be found in and around beds, so it is important to check the mattress, box spring, blankets and sheets, and even any clothing or other items made from fabric that are near the bed, such as a pile of laundry.

In order to really be able to see if there is an infestation, it will be necessary to use a bright flashlight for looking under mattresses and beneath the bed. All of the bedding will need to be stripped, and placed in a black plastic garbage bag until it can be inspected more closely. Once the bedding has been removed, lift the mattress to see if there are any bugs between the mattress and box spring. Shining the light will disturb them, causing them to move and they can be seen more easily. In addition to live insects, there will also be molted skins from live bugs, as well as droppings. If there are bed bugs, it is time to call in Wildcat Exterminating Inc. to get rid of them.

Take the bag with the bedding outdoors, if it is warm out, and let it sit in the sun all day. Then, put it in the wash in hot water, and dry it for longer than a typical load of laundry. The heat will kill any bed bugs that may be in the bedding. After cleaning, it is important to contact Wildcat Exterminating, Inc. to come in and do a thorough job of getting rid of the bed bugs. Most home remedies don’t work very well, and the bugs will just end up coming back. Exterminators get rid of them for good.

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