Buying Transmissions Wholesale is a Good Idea

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Automobiles

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Among the items that are often sold wholesale, you might picture socks, jewelry or food items, among other things—chances are, you don’t think of transmissions. Transmissions are, in fact, an item than can be sold wholesale, and there are some advantages for the buyer and seller to handle them in this way.

What it Means to Sell Transmissions Wholesale
Someone who sells transmissions could be described as a wholesale transmission seller for a variety of reasons. Usually, a wholesale seller would have many transmissions in stock, preferably 100 or more. This is unusual in the auto industry because transmissions are very large and heavy, making them hard to store in bulk. The seller may have either new or rebuilt transmissions, but rebuilt transmissions tend to be much more prevalent. A transmission seller might also be considered a wholesaler if they tend to sell to other sellers and repair shops, either exclusively or in addition to their individual customers.

Advantages to Buying from a Wholesale Transmission Seller
The biggest advantage of buying a transmission from a wholesale seller is cost. Because they deal in volume, they tend to offer better prices. They also have a wider selection of transmissions to choose from, by definition. This can save considerable time on repairs. For example, if you go to one repair shop and they don’t have your particular model of transmission in stock, they would have to order from a wholesaler and you’d be stuck waiting for it to be shipped before they could even start working on your car. If you buy direct from a wholesaler, the transmission you need is probably already in stock.

Types of Transmissions
When buying transmissions wholesale, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. There are many varieties of transmissions, including front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, manual, automatic and CVT. The transmission also must be matched perfectly to your engine, which makes it absolutely vital to know not only the make and model of your car, but also the specs on the engine and original transmission when buying a replacement. This is one of those circumstances where “close” isn’t good enough—less than a perfect match could lead to anything from your speedometer not working right to your new transmission failing.

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