Buying Old Homes May Mean Land Clearing Near Bonners Ferry ID. Dec07


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Buying Old Homes May Mean Land Clearing Near Bonners Ferry ID.

Older homes have charm and character, making them a prime target for property-hungry homeowners Near Bonners Ferry ID. They do have many advantages that newer homes do not, but they also have disadvantages. Here are some tips from on how not to buy a money pit.

Check Utilities

One electrical outlet not working can be easily fixed. However, rewiring an entire house is a huge project and financial plunge. Plumbing also needs to be checked, especially if the house has not been inhabited in a while. If the pipes seem to be working, check around the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. If they have bubbling paint, mold or smells peculiar, skip this house and look at another. Also check to see if the house has a cesspool, which was common in houses Near Bonners Ferry ID. If the plumbing is okay but has a cesspit, make sure to budget for a conversion to a septic system and Land Clearing Near Bonners Ferry ID.

Check Foundations

It’s vitally important that your new home have a solid foundation. There should be no cracks, crumbling bits or loose-fitting windows and doors in walls, basements or attics. Don’t forget to check corners, since they often are the first places that show cracks or other damage. If you have trouble remembering all you see or are not sure if a piece of drywall is really damaged badly, take a photo of it and show a trusted realtor or contractor to assess the damage.

Check After a Storm

It’s easy for Bonners Ferry ID property to look great on a sunny picture-perfect day. To really find out the structural integrity of a home, check it out after there has been a storm. This way you can check for leaks, flooding in the basement or lower levels, cesspool and around doors and windows. You can also see if you need to repair driveways or sidewalks to make them more reliable in wet weather.

Have Inspector Check The Roof

Roof replacements can easily cost five figures. Do not try to check the roof yourself. Hire a qualified home inspector. If you already have a good working relationship with a roofing contractor, hire the contractor to inspect the roof. It could be that the house needs knocking down by a land clearing land clearing company. For more information visit their website at