Why Buying New Luxury Condos is Safer

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Real Estate

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There are many Condos for Sale in Soho NYC and many are being set up to look far better than they appear. Staging has come to play a key role in selling “luxury” condos in NYC and it can often interfere with giving a true picture of the units being sold. When buying a new luxury condo unit you are looking at a home that is brand new and decorated to the nines without any hidden surprises that might be harder to spot for the emotional shopper. Here are some of the reasons buying new will give you more luxury and quality for your money.

Finishing Touches
Of course when you view new condos for sale in Soho NYC you will be looking at the model suite that has been decorated with selling in mind. The main difference between a model suite and a private sale that is being offered on the market is that the unit you see as the model suite will be exactly what you get in the unit you select. When purchasing units with a real estate agent you will be looking at many different units in many different buildings and the “lived in” look can often be deceiving. In a new sale you will have all the design details listed including the materials used for counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms, tile details, kitchen cabinets and flooring. In a unit that has already been inhabited you really don’t know what materials have been used and the quality may be in questions. This can lead to disappointments once you move in to your new home.

Misleading “Upgrades”
Kitchens can be misleading. With a new kitchen you will know the quality has been considered and the workmanship will speak for itself. In older units there are many tricks of the trade that can be used to change the appearance of cabinets that will make them appear newer and of a higher quality. From paint jobs to new handles it is easy to be mistaken especially if you choose to look but not touch to see how the doors and drawers open and make sure everything is in good condition. Buying new provides you with a fresh start and quality details that won’t disappoint.

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