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by | Nov 7, 2013 | Automotive

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For some reason or other, you need to replace your vehicle’s engine. It may have blown. It may have been destroyed by a fire or in an accident. Whatever, the reason, you need an engine and you needed it like yesterday. You have a Toyota. You were thinking about getting a new one, but your finances dictate you forget it and find a used Toyota engine instead.


When it comes to finding a used Toyota Corolla engine, you have several options. You can:

1. Go online to sites such as Kijiji or Craig’s List for private listings

2. Look in the phone book or online directories for junk yards and automobile wreckers

3. Check online for listed suppliers of used Japanese engines

You are sure to make several hits in on categories. Yet, before you make a decision, do your research.

Things to Consider When Buying Used Engines

When it come to buying used Toyota engines, it is important to look at various aspects of the engine and the seller. You must consider the pros of each supplier as well as the cons. You have to ask questions and be ready to do research on the product and the company or business supplying the engine. This is the only way you will be able to decide whether you are getting a good deal.

Cost is not the only factor you need to look at before you opt to purchase a used engine. Among the matters you need to look at are:

1. Condition – what shape is the used engine in?

2. Mileage – how many miles are on the engine? Can you get a report to verify?

3. Limited warranty – can the supplier give you a warranty. Most private sellers cannot but shops that specialize in Japanese engines often can.

4. Source of engines – Used engines for Japanese vehicles can be obtained locally or imported. Imports are generally preferred due to strict Japanese regulations that restrict the length of continuous usage. The average use in Japan of a vehicle is five years. This results in engines being less worn than their American counterpart

5. Reputation of provider. Is the online or local company reputable? Can you trust them? Check with friends, local business groups and online to see if they have a sterling reputation

Once you have compiled all the facts, you can then go ahead. If you have made the right choice, purchasing a used Toyota engine will prolong the driving life of your car.

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