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Buy Used Kitchen Equipment in New Jersey

If you are opening a restaurant on a tight budget, consider used kitchen equipment in New Jersey. You will get more for your money. The equipment from a used kitchen equipment supplier will be in good working condition, and most suppliers will even have repair services to keep your equipment in good shape.

No matter what type of restaurant you are opening, a used kitchen equipment supplier will have everything you need for your kitchen. From cooking equipment such as ovens, broilers and fryers to food preparation equipment such as slicers and butcher block tables, you will be able to design the perfect kitchen to fill all those food orders. Walk in or reach in coolers will keep all your fresh produce and handmade sauces chilled to the perfect temperature until they are ready for use. Consider other cold storage such as deli showcases to keep your homemade pies or deli meats and cheeses for sandwiches chilled as well as display them for purchase. If you are considering making handmade sausage, a meat grinder will come in handy.

If your new business is a coffee shop, buy a used espresso machine, coffee maker and tea maker. Bar coolers and ice makers are great for restaurant or bars. Diners serving breakfast could benefit from griddles and waffle makers. Bread/pastry shops will need commercial mixers and rolling racks. Sandwich shops will need meat and tomato slicers. Most restaurants will also need steam tables and warmers as well as freezers, dishwashers and stainless steel sinks.

It would be more cost effective to choose used kitchen equipment in New Jersey, and the selection is just as large. Most used kitchen equipment dealers such as Automatic Ice Maker Co. offers consultations to help you get the most out of your kitchen space. They will take into consideration the type of food being prepared and design a kitchen to help you quickly and efficiently prepare the best food. They will even have repair services to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Your local used kitchen equipment dealer is your one stop shop for outfitting your new restaurant’s kitchen.

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