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Building Compelling Defenses With A DUI Lawyer In Hattiesburg, MS

Mississippi laws prohibit all drivers from driving while under the influence of alcohol. The state upholds laws associated with the legal limit, which remains 0.08 percent for all adults and 0.02 percent for any drivers under the legal drinking age. Any driver who is convicted of DUI or DWI is punished according to the Mississippi laws. If you are facing DUI or DWI charges, you should contact a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS immediately.

What to Expect

In most scenarios, the law enforcement officer administers field sobriety testing. The only test within this collection of determiners that is held against you is the breathalyzer test. You have the right to refuse testing. What you should understand is that if you refuse the court can take administrative action against you and suspend your driver’s license. If you aren’t convicted the suspension is overturned.

The assumption with breathalyzer testing is that it is infallible. This is not the case. The tests are designed to identify any form of alcohol in your system. This includes any alcohol-based substances, including those which are not alcoholic beverages.

Inaccuracy of Portable Breathalyzer Tests

For example, Listerine strips, and any other mouthwash products, unless the packaging states otherwise contain alcohol. They will register on a breathalyzer test and increase the reading. When this is the case, the inaccuracy of the breathalyzer test is your defense. However, your reading must imply that your intoxication level was below 0.08 percent minus the reading caused by the alcohol-based breath freshener.

Testing Your Blood

At any time, that blood is drawn for testing, the officers must maintain an additional sample. The reason for this is that it allows the defense to order further testing of the blood. If the re-test implies that the driver was not intoxicated, the DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS initiates a defense based on evidence tampering associated with the chain of custody of the original sample.

Drivers who are facing a DWI or DUI conviction must learn their rights according to Mississippi laws. This includes the laws against entrapment and stopping drivers without probable cause. It also encompasses laws associated with a sudden increase in blood-alcohol concentration due to elevated stress levels. If you were arrested and need assistance, you can hire a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS by contacting T Michael Reed today.