Book a Hotel in St. George, UT in Advance or Wait Until You Arrive? Personal Preference is King!

by | Mar 7, 2014 | Hotels

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Travellers always need to remember many things on a trip. Those going on vacation will need enough clothes to last, toiletries, and recreational items like bathing suits or skis. People who are travelling on business require the right kind of attire for meetings and other official business as well as leisure wear for the off-hours. They’ll also need any paperwork and other supplies required to take care of business.

One thing both types of travellers will need is a place to stay. There are a variety of motels and hotels in any important destination center, and there should be some in every price range. Therefore, the only real question is whether to book a hotel St George UT in advance of the trip or just hope for the best upon arrival. Seasoned travellers usually have strong opinions about this question, but there are actually benefits and drawbacks to each.

The benefits of booking in advance are, in theory, derived from knowing for sure that you’ll have a room once you arrive. Most hotels, like the St George Utah Clarion Suites, will guarantee it and promise a refund if they end up overbooking. This makes the book-in-advance tactic a favourite for people who don’t want to chance either not being able to get a room or ending up in a sub-par establishment.

Those who are against advanced bookings argue that trying to meet a check-in deadline adds stress to what would otherwise be a laid-back location. For them, the chance of ending up at a different hotel St George UT than expected only adds to the fun of exploration and is a “risk” that is gladly taken on. While there is a risk of not being able to get any room at all, this is more of a problem for business travellers than the type of vacationer who enjoys winging everything. Even so, it is a risk that’s very real; if a convention takes place during the travelling time, it may take driving for another 100 miles to get a room!


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