Blinds in Burlington, Vermont

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Home Decor

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When planning for interior design, many people forget about window coverings. When you move to a new place, or update your furnishings, it is important to remember the windows. Forgetting to plan window coverings into your budget is a big mistake. Having your windows covered can give you privacy and keep light out while you are trying to sleep.

One good option for covering your windows is blinds. They are easy to open and close and provide privacy. You can open the slats or open the entire blind, depending on how much light you want to let in. If you are looking for Blinds in Burlington Vermont try Design Matters. This is a company that deals a lot with interior design. The company has been around for more than 25 years, and has worked on many houses. If you need an interior designer they are a good choice.

As a full service design company, Design Matters has over 150 vendors that they deal with to give their customers the widest variety to choose from. They believe that everyone deserves a special space that reflects their personality and makes them happy. Their job is to turn your home into that space. They work with their clients to teach them the basics of good design to help them make the best decisions for their home.

Interior design for homeowners isn’t all that Design Matters does. They also stage houses that are on the market to sell. When selling a house it is helpful to have it set up to look lived in so that buyers can see the potential the house has. The competition in the housing market has increased exponentially in the last year, so having an edge can help a lot. Staging your house can give you that edge. The designers will educate you about design and the basics of staging, then they will evaluate the property and give some tips where improvements can be made to help you house sell faster.

Hiring a designer can help you create a space that fits your personality and make it feel more like home. They can also help prevent forgotten items, like blinds for your windows.

Blinds in Burlington Vermont

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