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Have the Best Sealcoating Applied to Your Newly Poured Asphalt

Do you know what happens when the parking lot at your shop is redone with asphalt? If there is no sealcoating applied to it, it will oxidize, dry up and crack. If you’ve ever walked down a paved road in summertime, you can remember the blisters on the bottom of your feet from walking in the dirt and stones on the side of the road because you couldn’t walk on the asphalt. That wonderful sunshine will cause the asphalt to crack and it won’t last near as long as it would if the Best Sealcoating had been applied to it.

The sun isn’t the only thing that will cause the asphalt to crack. Think of what icy cold, hail, sleet and freezing snow will do to it. Through the expanding and contracting, very soon the cracks and chips will begin to form. You may imagine what gasoline and oil dripping from cars and trucks will do to the asphalt in a parking lot. This is simply because the asphalt is also a petroleum product just like the gas and oil that can dissolve it. A business owner with a modicum of traffic can save needing to have asphalt poured again, just by having the Best Sealcoating applied to it.

Some sealcoating can contain the harmful ingredient ‘coal tar.’ Good and bad can be in anything. A water based product may not work when the weather is icy with dropping temperatures. It will depend on the municipality and the user himself/herself whether this type of sealcoating should be used. By entering the watersheds and systems of towns and municipalities, fish, foul and animals can suffer harm from living in it or drinking water that has coal tar in its runoff. For this very reason, other types of sealcoating are used today.

Acrylics and asphalt emulsion types are also being used today. The gorgeous colors of the acrylics are used in a homeowner’s driveway and to mark certain areas of parking spaces at office buildings and mall businesses. The sealcoating can easily be applied with a squeegee by hand if the area isn’t too large. Otherwise, it’s applied by special machines. It should be left to dry for a day or two before the second coat is applied, creating a beautiful shiny finish.

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