The Best Rug Cleaners in The Woodlands, TX Area Provide All- Around Great Service

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Rug Store

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The best rug cleaners in the Woodlands, TX area aren’t known for customer service, grade A cleaning practices, rug repair, or insect infestation guard. The best rug cleaners are known for all of those things. Without an above average standard of excellence, the best is mediocre. Customers can be assured that they are receiving exactly what they have paid for when they choose to hire the best.

The Standard

The word, standard is often used to describe a basic package, or what a customer should expect. Quality and service should not ever be compromised. Standard should be synonymous with the word best. The best rug cleaners understand this ideal.

Customers can expect to find affordable prices, outstanding customer service, years of high quality service, amazing repair techniques, and moth guards that produce results. If this is not the standard, then the company is subpar.

Moth Guards

Moth guarding is a misleading name. This process works to keep rugs and carpets from being infiltrated with insect infestations of all kinds, not just moths. If the customer is a pet owner, this is a must-have procedure, especially for customers who own cats. Cat lovers are a one-of-a-kind person, the love they have for their feline family members is infectious, but so are the fleas that live on them. Cats bring fleas into the home every year around spring time. For customers who have proofed their carpets and rugs with moth guards, fleas will not control their home for six months every year.

Repair Services

One of the more difficult aspects of owning an area rug, whether it’s expensive or not, is the damage that happens from simple wear and tear over time. Fabrics begin to unravel and fringe. Designs that include fringe begin to pull away and tear off. Sides of rugs begin to tear, and the rubber backing begins to come apart. Only the very best cleaning service offers will both clean and weave your area rugs.

Quality Cleaning

There is no arguing that customers expect a quality cleaning when hiring a rug cleaning service. The best and most effective technology on the market is Centrum Force. This technology doesn’t just pull dirt from the rug. Human hair, dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, as well as pet odor will all be removed from rugs and carpets cleaned with this technology. Customers will be happy with the look and the smell of their freshly cleaned carpet.

The all-around exceptional service provided by the best rug cleaners is what makes them the best. Their definition of standard is above par, making them a cut above the rest.

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