The Best Reasons to use a Personal Prophecy Ministry

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Religion

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Throughout your life you will be given the gift of great joy and also have moments of sorrow. Many people believe they only need God in their lives when they are struggling. However the best time to have God in your life is in times of happiness as it will forge your relationship with God so you are ready to accept his guidance when you are faced with struggle. A personal prophecy ministry can aid you at many times throughout your life and understanding the important role God and prophecy can have will help you prepare yourself for both good and bad.

Happiness and Success
When you are enjoying happiness and success it is not uncommon to turn away, albeit unintentionally, from God and the church. This is because we convince ourselves we are too busy to worry about religion and our faith. However, when we are enjoying happiness and success this is the time to be the most grateful and to show God we understand we are privileged to enjoy these gifts. A personal prophecy ministry will provide you with a personal prophecy that will guide you on how to maintain this fulfilling lifestyle without losing touch with your faith. It will also provide you with ongoing strength and help you understand how your prosperity can assist you in helping others through charity and remembering to be grateful.

Strife and Sorrow
There are circumstances that are out of our control and when these circumstances cause us strife and sorrow our faith in God must be strengthened. It is easy to lose faith during difficult times however it is during “good” times that we can strengthen our faith and have that faith deeply embedded in our hearts to help us deal with strife and sorrow. It is a good time to seek a personal prophecy ministry as it will show you God’s purpose and remind you of his love.

God wants us to grow and learn how to follow his teachings. In order to do this we must constantly be seeking ways to improve ourselves so we can do God’s work successfully. When you have questions about your career, relationship and future a personal prophecy can provide guidance and insight. Visit us online for more details Website

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