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The Best Limo Services Offer Fleet Options For Any Group

A lot of people assume that all limo rentals, Connecticut companies and those in surrounding areas, only offer one type of vehicle. In fact, there are some of the smaller companies that may only offer one or two types of cars, but the top companies have a range of vehicles to meet your passenger and group requirements.

Smaller vehicles are perfect for one or two people, but for larger groups it is often cost prohibitive, not to mention a bit awkward, to have people travel in separate cars. This can also increase the cost of the rental since there are multiple drivers, and more vehicles hired. Having the ability to choose just the right sized car from the fleet creates versatility, cost saving and a very well-coordinated travel plan.

Small Vehicles

One of the most deluxe yet also economic luxury types of fleet cars is the Lincoln Town Car. Large enough to comfortably seat six, this sedan has elegant lines and all the comforts you would expect. Perfect for picking up travelers at the airport, driving around the city, or for virtually any type of transport the Lincoln Town Car is a true icon of the limousine service industry.

Mid-Sized Vehicles

For specialized types of limo rentals, Connecticut wedding planners, party planners and event coordinators often look for fleets that can provide one or more mid-sized vehicles. These are the larger “stretch” limos that are a big hit for graduations, weddings and other types of special events.

These vehicles don’t have to be limos. Some of the top limo rental services provide a variety of vehicles that may be just what you are looking for. A Suburban is a great vehicle if you have to transport luggage and supplies as well as passengers. These are a luxury type of vehicle and are a very comfortable for both city and highway driving.

Large Vehicles

For large groups of 14 to 28 people, limo rentals, Connecticut airport services and group coordinators often choose a much larger vehicle. A 14 passenger van is a good idea for those larger groups that may also require a bit of storage space. For the large groups of 28 a shuttle-bus is the best answer. With comfortable, plush seats, storage and room to move this is really the best option to get the whole group to the destination at the same time.

The company can help you choose the right vehicle for your needs. For your limo rentals, Connecticut companies offer a range of different sizes and vehicle types that are ideal for any passenger transportation requirements.

Luxury limo rentals in Connecticut can provide small, medium and large sized vehicles to match your transportation needs. Your driver can help you plan your day and make sure you always have a vehicle when you need it; allowing you to spend as much or as little time at the venues as you want.