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The Benefits of Using the Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Hospital

You have a lot of choices when your pets need veterinary care; but one of the best options is to use the Humane Society of Huron Valley’s Emergency Animal Hospital. This choice provides advantages that include:

1. COMPASSIONATE CARE: Humane Society Vets are experienced working with a wide variety of animals. They offer Emergency Animal Hospital services, routine medical care, wellness exams, and spay/neuter services for your pet family members. Vets can provide vaccinations, dental cleaning, exotic pet care, and diagnostics. You can arrange for preventative services, including rabies, flea, heart worm, and tick control. They also microchip pets. The fees are very reasonable, and all proceeds from clinic services are used to care for homeless or abused animals.

2. ADOPTION: The Humane Society of Huron Valley is an ideal place to find new animal family members. They house and care for many beautiful animals that have been surrendered by owners who couldn’t keep them, were found on the streets, or saved from abuse. When animals are healthy, they are offered for adoption. Many are listed on the Humane Society website, where you can search for a pet with specific characteristics. You may be able to find ferrets, guinea pigs, cats, kittens, puppies, and adult dogs, as well as other animals. The reasonable adoption fees cover spay/neuter services, micro chipping, an ID tag, health and behavior screening, and more.

3. TRAINING: You can also depend on your Humane Society to help your dogs become good pet citizens. The staff offers puppy pre-school, basic manners, and obedience training, among other behavior modification services. They also offer puppy play groups. These sessions help young dogs to learn important skills, such as conflict management, calming signals, and appropriate play.

4. WILDLIFE CONTROL: The Humane Society provides compassionate ways to remove wildlife without harming them. Experts who are trained in each species’ habits and needs will carefully trap and relocate raccoons, skunks, birds, snakes, squirrels, and more. They can also offer suggestions for humanely deterring animals.

Your local Humane Society is the ideal place to take your pet for emergency medical help. These facilities offer a full range of emergency and wellness services, as well as pet adoption and training options. They can also safely relocate wildlife.

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