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The Benefits of Sodding in Wichita KS

Grass seeds are only one way have a fresh lawn. Consider the fact that seeds take time to grow and compare that with the instant solution Sodding in Wichita, KS provides. If you need a lawn for a new construction or to replace a failing lawn, sodding may be the best option for your needs. The following will discuss the benefits of using sod as your lawn solution.

Instant Gratification

Society today is driven by instant gratification. People are able to download things online fast and easy which feeds the addiction of or obsession for instant gratification. Sod works in much the same way. While you cannot download it, sod does create an instant lawn so you do not have to watch your grass grow. It takes weeks to see good ground cover with seeding, but with sodding, it is dense as soon as it is installed.

Reduces Heat

Sodding in Wichita KS helps reduce soil heat by 30 degrees. It also reduces greenhouse gases, releases ample oxygen, cools the air, and absorbs carbon dioxide. An interesting fact about sodded lawns is that they provide a cooling effect of a 70 ton air conditioner in hot weather. This is a good reason to get your instant lawn.

Less Water Usage

Seeded lawns require more maintenance than Sodding in Wichita, KS. You will have to irrigate the sod and keep it moist, but once it is established in two to four weeks, it will not dry out like a seeded lawn. You can save money, water, and time with sod.

Protective Soil Covering

When you seed your lawn you have to worry about even the lightest of winds blowing it away. Some seeds will not last even when they are properly irrigated. Since it takes time for seeded lawns to germinate and for the grass to become established, it is susceptible to the elements. Sod provides a thick ground cover that protects the soil and will not blow away.

These are the main benefits of Sodding in Wichita, KS. Sodding can be used for new constructions or for re-sodding a lawn. Reasons you might require a re-sod include an overgrowth of weeds you cannot control, fungal infection in your yard, or bugs that adversely affect your lawn. Cranmer Grass Farming, Inc is dedicated to helping you have the best lawn in Kansas.