Benefits of Wood Decking in Minneapolis

Homeowners installing new decks have an important decision to make. They have to decide what material to use, and this decision is complicated by the proliferation of natural and man-made options. Read on to find out about the benefits of installing wood decking in Minneapolis to learn why this traditional option is still the best way to go.

Attractive Appearance

Natural wood decks add aesthetic value to any home. They’re great for both traditionally styled homes and thoroughly contemporary ones, offering a perfect complement to just about any landscape and exterior decor.

Strength and Durability

It’s important for decking to be both strong and durable, especially in Minnesota where snow accumulation can put a good deal of pressure on outdoor structures. Hardwoods are extremely strong and, with proper maintenance, they’re great at withstanding even dramatic temperature changes and severe weather events.

Ease of Cleaning

Wood decking is easy to clean. Just sweep up any leaves and other debris and rinse the deck down with a hose if it gets too dirty. Most homeowners can maintain their wood decks by themselves, too, since all it requires is periodic painting or staining.

Cost Efficiency

Wood decking in Minneapolis ranges substantially in price based on what kind of wood homeowners choose, but there are plenty of affordable options. Southern yellow pine is popular among homeowners making exterior renovations on a tight budget. Initial installations are relatively inexpensive, as is the ongoing maintenance.

Easy to Customize

Wood can be painted, which makes it easy to customize a new deck to match the home’s trim or the landscape’s most prominent colors. Homeowners who want to perform exterior remodels can simply repaint their decks to match a new trim color.

Protected Against Insects and Rot

Wood decking can be pressure treated to protect it against insects and rot. Pressure-treated wood can still be painted or stained to provide extra protection.

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