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Benefits of Vitamin D in newborns

Vitamins are essential to the body at any stage. Vitamin D is particularly beneficial for a newborn. Due to the age, the appropriate vitamins are to be in drops. Newborns need vitamin D drops for healthy bone development. They do get Vitamin D from breast milk. Unfortunately, breast milk does not contain enough of it even when mothers supplement themselves from an outside source. Soon after birth. The infant would need an additional Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency happens when there is little exposure to sunlight, not receiving the said nutrient from food intake and supplements.


1. Strengthens immune system

The correct level of Vitamin D in the body promotes a healthy immune system in a child. Presence of an ample amount of the said vitamin helps the body fight off illness and disease.

2. Prevents Rickets

As Vitamin D strengthens bones, this also prevents Rickets. Rickets is a condition that results in weak or deformed bones. This is the primary key in keeping a child’s skeletal system healthy, together with proper diet and exercise. It promotes adequate absorption of calcium and phosphorus which are also needed to keep the bones strong.

3. Healthy Respiratory system

It also promotes a healthy respiratory system. Since it aids in providing a strong immune system, illnesses such as respiratory diseases are easily fought off.

4. Healthy heart

Studies show that appropriate amount of Vitamin D in the body reduces the risk of Chronic Heart Disease or CHD. It also improves a person’s condition who already has an existing Chronic Heart Disease. It promotes better cardiovascular function in weak heart muscles.

As soon as a child is born, it is vital to start providing those Vitamin D supplements to aid in proper bone growth. Consult your health care provider for the appropriate dosage and intake. For high-quality and safe Newborn Vitamin D drops, you may check out Child Life Essentials.

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