Benefits of Using a Roofer Colorado Springs for Leaky Roofs

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Roofing

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One of the most important components to a home can be the roof. The roof not only helps in providing structural support to the house but it also is invaluable in protecting a family and their belongings from the weather. Whenever the roof is damaged or leaking, it can cause damage in a number of ways to both the structure of the house and the people and items within it. Because of this, it is important that a homeowner contact a Roofer Colorado Springs at the first sign of trouble.

Very often, when the roof of a home is leaking it can be due to simple problems such as missing shingles or shakes. In addition, often a Roofer Colorado Springs may find that the leak is around a gutter or downspout. This can occur when the gutter or downspout is clogged with either leaves or other debris, or because it is damaged. This can result in water backing up and causing a leak in the roof. Often simply cleaning out the area can remedy this situation.

Other types of leaks that a Roofer Colorado Springs may encounter have to do with worn or damaged flashings around various architectural elements that are included in the roof. This can be elements such as skylights, chimneys or even areas where two part of the roof has jointed together. In these cases, the Roofer will need to fix any damage the leak may have caused to other parts of the roof structure and then replace the old flashings with new ones.

Many roofs today use asphalt shingles. Often a Roofer Colorado Springs may find that the issue causing a leak in a homeowner’s roof may be these shingles being damaged or missing. A damaged shingle can often be repaired with asphalt roofing cement. However, if the damage is too severe or missing, it may be necessary to replace the shingle. This can be accomplished by removing whatever remains of the old shingle. After cleaning the area, a new shingle can be fastened into the vacant spot.

Many times these repairs may seem to be easy enough for homeowners to handle on their own. However, a professional Roofer Colorado Springs will also inspect the area to ensure no other issues are present as well. This can be beneficial as some damage may reside in the layers of roofing that a typical person often does not see.

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