Benefits of getting Vodafone prepaid recharge online

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Telecommunications

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If you have been frustrated with your lack of time to get a Vodafone prepaid recharge done, there are several options in store for you! No one likes physically visiting stores when they’re hard pressed for time and energy, and standing in line to get their accounts recharged. This eats into a lot of valuable time, which in itself is a precious commodity these days. Online recharge systems enable greater time and energy benefits. We’re all worried about running out of recharge on our mobiles, at important times. This is one fear that plagues all of us, and hence, the need for these platforms which facilitates recharging in seconds. There are several added benefits of recharging your Vodafone account online; but you need to discover and understand more about the entire process. You should first look to register your account on the portal. This does not take much time and you can store a whopping 10 numbers and data cards of your family & friends under your own account, along with your payment details. One of the biggest benefits lies in the fact that there are multiple payment options available including credit cards, net banking, debit cards, and cash cards.

Once you’ve registered your Vodafone prepaid recharge account, you simply need to login and enter the recharge amount, choose the service provider and click to complete the process instantly. There are more than 80 payment methods to choose from. You can also enjoy several other benefits, including Repeat A Recharge provisions which enable back to back recharges within seconds, and automatic recharge facilities. The latter is a very interesting and convenient feature as it helps you schedule recharges, well in advance. This is one of the biggest conveniences available for users of the portal.

Apart from these benefits associated with opening a Vodafone prepaid recharge account online, you can also get access to exclusive JRI card. JRI card is very useful when in due case the transaction gets failed then the amount gets parked in your JRI card which can be reutilized again for further transactions. If it would be a bank transfer then it would have taken 7-10 business days and your entire amount would have stucked. These cards facilitate easier recharges through cloud-based smart and completely safe wallets. You can also download the JRI mobile application to stay connected on the move, at all times! You can always login at your convenience and get your account recharged or simply schedule it in advance. There is so much you can do to save time, energy and all other hassles related to getting your mobile balance account recharged. Needless to say, this is an inherently futuristic system and stands to offer multifarious benefits to users.

If you are looking for Vodafone Prepaid recharge, register at JustRechargeIt. Benefits include Storing 10 Mobile/DTH/Data card in each category, Schedule a Recharge, Repeat A Recharge, Mobile APP, Recharge Plans, Coupons, and more.

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