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What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Shaw Carpet In Chicago?

Shaw Carpet is one of the leading brands of residential and commercial carpet in Chicago, and many people choose this brand because they feel they’re getting a high-quality product. The following are some of the top benefits of purchasing shaw carpet in Chicago for any home or business.

A Huge Variety Of Colors

One reason why people look no further than Shaw is the vast array of choices in colors and color combinations. In fact, customers have hundreds of choices within each color family, such as gold, gray, beige, blue, and brown. Their popular soft shades collection offers an array of gentle grays, browns, and beiges. Gold Rush, a warm neutral, has been designated the 2018 color of the year.

Reliable Stain Protection

Carpets are made to withstand any kind of spill or stain. Their carpets are completely waterproof and stain repellent, meaning that the fibers don’t absorb liquid or color, no matter what spills. In the majority of cases, the spilled liquid will just sit on top of the carpet until it is soaked up with a paper towel. If any liquid does pass through the fibers to the floor of the carpet, it will stop at the stain-proof backing that prevents any liquid from reaching the sub-floor. With 100% stain protection, homeowners can count on easy clean-ups and a lot less stress.

Flexible Carpet Backing System

Another advantage of Shaw carpets is their extremely soft and pliable backing system. Its elastic quality allows it to stretch and bend, preventing wrinkles and hiding carpet seams. Its softness also makes the installation process easy and safe for the floor and walls. This unique backing also provides added insulation and absorbs more sound.

Eco-Friendly Carpets

Shaw also offers carpet products that are friendly to the environment by recycling old carpet materials. Their Anything Goes line, for example, can be recycled infinitely with no degradation in quality. A few of their other eco-friendly carpet products include Anso Nylon 6, Antoinette, and Inspired Spaces.

These are just a few of the reasons why many customers are so loyal to the Shaw brand. Homeowners who are looking for Shaw carpet in Chicago can visit American Carpet Distributors to learn more.

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