Benefits and Applications of Tile Flooring

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Home Decor

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Flooring is something that not many people get excited about, but it is something that is important for decorating a house, and for practical concerns. Different types of flooring each have advantages and disadvantages, and even within a group like tile there are different strengths and weaknesses and better applications for each. Tile floor is practical for a lot of reasons, and can look great, the decision to use tile is one based on specific circumstances, it’s better in some regions than in other. Any sort of hard and cold floor is better in a warmer region. Tile is better for people in San Antonio than it is for people in Fargo. For people in Fargo they want tile in the entry way because the truly epic amount of snow they get. Tile can take the abuse better than carpet or hardwood. However since it’s cold tile is unpleasant to walk around in bare feet on. However, in a warmer climate like San Antonio tile has more applications for the house at large.

It really comes down to personal factors and applications. Tile isn’t a great decision for the bed room most times. It’s cold, it’s hard, and it’s not very comfy. However, tile is much better in the bathroom than carpet is. Simple issues of cleaning are improved with tile, and that’s not touching the issue of water retention. Anywhere where water and spilling is common, tile is supreme. If properly installed, and made of a good material, tile will withstand quite a bit of water, or any other spilled material. Tile flooring is popular in kitchens because even if something notorious for staining like spaghetti sauce falls on it the cleanup is actually manageable.

Perhaps chili would be the more appropriate example for San Antonio, but in the warmer south, the biggest disadvantage of tile is mitigated. The icy cold floor a northerner might step onto during winter is much more temperate in the south. The ambient temperature is higher, and people heat their houses to warmer temperatures. Tile isn’t great for every room, sometimes you’d prefer the plush comfort of carpet or the old world elegance of hardwood, however, when applied properly it is very attractive, very versatile, and very practical. It comes down to selecting the right material and pattern for what you want. Keep application in mind, for example some tile has raised structures and bumps on the surface. This allows for better grip, and can look very interesting, but is also going to make the tile harder to clean in the kitchen. If you miss a bit of dirt in the front walk it’s not a problem, but missed food can attract critters. Keep foot traffic in mind when you’re dealing with issues of durability as well. If you pick the right tile for the right context you can have something perfect for a home in San Antonio, or frankly anywhere else.

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