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Beer Gardens of East Village, NYC: A Bountiful Bevy of Quality Beer and Food!

There are some very special places in New York where there is far more than just good tasting beer to be had. If you love awesomely unique beers and want them in an abundance of different varieties to pair with equally delicious eats, then finding a quality restaurant that boasts a bountiful beer garden would be your Pandora’s Box. As thus, only someone questing for truly great beer as well as top-notch food would dare to open it.

For those who are unaware, a biergarten or beer garden offers the very best in beer choice and also in out of this world food fare that will delight your palate. It is very true that New York is an urban paradise. However, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t find space for beer gardens to kick back and enjoy some good Bavarian style fun.

Beer gardens are truly becoming one of the best spots in all of the Big Apple to enjoy weekends, lazy afternoons, and casual nights out in the city. What many drinkers don’t know about these wonderful New York beer gardens is they have a long history that dates back to the 19th century when German immigrants first came and introduced the idea. The history of these fabulous gardens is something that goes far beyond modern bar renovations. Beer gardens weren’t just known for their wide and great spaces, but also for their big tables and the very festive crowds who gathered there. Beer gardens then and now were great for two main reasons. They were fun places for people to frequent for a refreshing beer, and provided a festive atmosphere for special events and functions; this still holds true to this day.

A beer garden in New York City isn’t that much different from a historical German beer garden in description. The only difference between the two is New York City gardens are limited by its capacity and historical German beer gardens were capable of catering to thousands of patrons in one location. Nonetheless, they have a defining charm and character that are distinctly all their own. These beer gardens are great places to drink high-quality beer, make new friends, and eat some delicious food.

To many, these locations are a much more welcome alternative than having to go inside some dark bar. La Cerveceria in NYC is home to one of these very warm, friendly, and laidback beer gardens. La Cerveceria is a restaurant that serves Latin-American tapas with a very strong Peruvian influence as well as other Latin-American dishes that range from marinated meats, seafood, hot habaneros in sauces, to delicious ceviche that are traditionally only found south of the equator. One of the best beer gardens of NYC can be found at La Cerveceria.