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Beautify Your Floors Using Quality Laminate in Topeka KS

When it comes to improving your floors you have a variety of options available. Some of the most obvious ones include carpeting, various types of tile, linoleum and the ever popular hardwood. Unfortunately, many of these floor coverings don’t fit within the budgets of the average homeowner. Thankfully, there are alternatives that do and one of these is laminate flooring, sometimes known as floating tile or floating wood tile. Laminate in Topeka KS typically simulates a hardwood floor although there are varieties of simulated stone products as well. One of its most valuable assets is the extreme durability provided by the laminating process.

Lamination is a manufacturing process that creates a layered material. In the case of flooring the process uses different substrates to create the base and a tough, durable top layer that resembles a wood finish. The final part of the process covers the laminate with a durable epoxy or resin to protect the surface. Building a composite product can provide the end result with a variety of benefits. In the case of flooring it is increased strength, hardness and durability. These properties allow the product to survive years of harsh use without the requirement of sanding and staining that traditional hardwoods require.

Unlike hardwood flooring, laminates come in a variety of styles and colors. This allows the laminate floor to fit into any decor. You can easily simulate the look of traditional hardwoods or you can create the look of more expensive wood products and all of this is possible at a much lower cost. Of course, there are other benefits to using laminates over hardwoods. For instance, using laminate flooring cuts down on the number of trees that are harvested to make hardwood floors.

Selecting your new laminate can be a tough choice. This is why companies like Capital City Flooring, Inc provide galleries to display their products. This allows their customers the ability to select the exact product they prefer for their new floors. To make things easier be sure to bring any color swatches for comparison. Keep in mind that most Laminate in Topeka KS comes in different widths which can easily affect how it will look when installed.

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