Bathtub Installation in Clackamas, OR – What You Need to Know

If you have a big washroom and want to install a bathtub, there are several things that you need to take into account. Installing a bathtub in your house is not a simple procedure, so you will need to call a plumbing company to install the bathtub. There are several decisions that you will have to make regarding bathtub installation in Clackamas, OR. Here are a few tips that you should follow about bathtub installation.

Selecting a Tub

The first thing that you need to do is visit local stores in your area that offer bathroom and sanitary products and select a suitable tub for your washroom. Most people prefer the rectangular tubs, though there are several other options available for you to choose from. It’s recommended that you visit several stores in your area to find out which style of the bathtub is most suitable to your needs. Some tubs have a built in platform where you can sit as well, so it’s recommended that you make a selection accordingly. If you are looking to buy a new bathtub, you should contact us today.


You will need to call a local plumbing company that offers bathtub installation to visit your place and then determine the location where the bathtub should be installed. The plumber will need to check for the pipes and connections and then make the space for the bathtub. The bathtub will be fitted using concrete and plaster, and will be firmly fitted into the ground. Once the bathtub has been installed, a shower and faucet will be installed as well. The plumbers will check the water supply and drainage properly to ensure that the tub is ready for use.

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