Basic Types Of Masonry Anchors

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Anchors have been around for centuries. They have progressed since they were first used to help “anchor” walls and other parts of structures. Earlier anchors were constructed of zinc and lead. Today, they are comprised of brass, stainless steel and other alloys. It depends upon the job. Anchors in NY projects, for example may require higher strength than those of their predecessors.

Today, used in construction, anchors in NY are required to meet the standards demands of tall structures. They are often built to meet the demands of such earth quaking natural phenomenon as earthquakes or the high winds that strike a structure during a hurricane or tornado. Today’s anchoring products must be high strength, durable and resistant to changes in the weather that can affect how effectively they hold up masonry walls.

What Are Masonry Anchors?

Anchors are items made of brass, galvanized steel or stainless steel. They may be called ties because they “tie” walls of block, stone, concrete or brick to any other structure. They are receptacle devices that are installed into this material that would otherwise have great difficulty accepting screws, bolts or nails. Anchors in New York, NY, in other words, are employed to create a sturdy connection where it would otherwise be impossible or very difficult to do so. Masonry anchors in NY accomplish the same job when used to tie together a masonry wall to another part of a structure.

Basic Types of Masonry Anchors

It is possible to divide the anchors used in masonry into three basic types. These are:

1. Mechanical

2. Powder

3. Actuated Chemical

Each is employed in specific situations and conditions. Different methods may be used to ensure the products are inserted properly.

You can also divide anchors in other fashions. They can, for example, be classified according to their design e.g. the expansion-shield bolt anchor has proven to be very popular. They can also be considered according to how they are installed. There are machine bolt anchors that are require a hammer set device. Construction workers can also employ a device that uses explosive powder.

Using the Right Masonry Anchors

It is important in today’s construction, to employ the right type of anchors to do the job correctly. They must be able to anchor the structure successfully under normal conditions. They also need to be able to withstand the adverse forces of weather and natural problems that may affect the area in which they will stand. To help ensure that the right anchor is used, talk to professionals in the business at websiteThey can provide you with the highest quality product for the project at hand.

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