A Basic Introduction to Cremation Caskets in Deltona, FL

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Funeral services

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Although almost half of Deltona funerals involve cremation, many families have no idea of the details. Most quickly learn that funerals which include cremation can vary widely but all have at least one thing in common. The law requires that all bodies are in a combustible containers during cremation. Families have several choices when it comes to choosing among Cremation Caskets in Deltona FL. They can go with the basic containers provided by funeral homes, buy their own caskets or rent display caskets.

Cremation Providers Supply Containers

Many clients first learn about the requirement for a cremation container when they are reviewing the list of services included by their funeral providers. Since total expenses are far less than traditional arrangements, supplier-provided Cremation Caskets in Deltona FL are really just cardboard boxes. They meet the minimum legal requirements and offer a solution to clients who choose simple direct cremation. The products and services provided with these basic cremations are outlined at sites like http://fourtownscremationinc.com. Families can choose a “Click here” option to learn exactly how and where reputable providers conduct dignified, affordable cremations.

Clients Can Buy Specialty Caskets

Funeral home clients can also provide their own cremation caskets. Many companies make custom, all-wood caskets that are often ordered for Jewish services. Since they contain no metal, they are also acceptable for cremation. Alternatively, clients may opt for “green” caskets made of willow, bamboo, teak, cotton or even wool, since they are highly combustible. It is even possible to order cremation caskets that look like classic ornate models but are made of recycled cardboard.

Funeral Homes Rent Caskets for Visitation

Families that want cremation without forgoing traditions such as visitation can rent temporary display caskets. They are exactly like expensive, ornate caskets but contain removable liners. Funeral homes can rent them many times because bodies never touch caskets. Bodies are typically formally displayed in them and then transferred to simple containers for cremation once services are over.

During cremation bodies must be in combustible containers. Families can choose the basic cardboard containers provided by funeral homes or supply versions that meet all requirements. Alternatively, they can also rent caskets for visitation and then have bodies cremated in simple cardboard containers. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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