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Having Basement Egress Windows Installed by a Waterproofing Company in Fairfax VA

Basement egress windows are essential if the area will function as any type of living space. Companies like Worldwide Basement Waterproofing can install those windows that let in sunlight and can be used for ventilation too. Having this work done by a waterproofing company in Fairfax VA ensures that people will be able to escape the lower level in the unlikely event of an emergency that makes it impossible to reach the first floor. The windows are not optional; they are required by law.

Adding Natural Light

The addition of natural light to the basement converts it from a gloomy cave to a more pleasant space. Of course, if the area will be used for a family room, crafts room, playroom or bedrooms, additional artificial light will be needed too. Nevertheless, the sight of sunshine streaming in through strategically placed windows will be welcome throughout the day.

Leak-Proof Guarantees

Egress window styles range from the most basic to higher-end models that actually enhance the exterior of the home. When a Waterproofing Company in Fairfax VA installs the new features, homeowners can feel reassured that these windows will not leak during heavy rainfall.

Meeting Current Building Codes

Older homes may already have egress windows, but they may not meet current building code regulations. Houses built before 1970 are particularly likely to have this problem, but it’s also relatively common in homes constructed before 1990. The windows may be too small for anyone but a child to actually climb through.

Function and Aesthetics

They also may have become nonfunctional over the years if the frames have corroded or otherwise deteriorated. Those old glass features may be hidden by window wells, allowing the homeowners to essentially ignore them. They probably are not aesthetically pleasing, and the wells may have become cluttered with leaves, pine cones and other debris.

Larger Windows

Egress windows can be a lot bigger than people tend to think. Excavation work can be done so the window can extend far down the basement wall, and a sturdy window well can be built on the outside. Visit Basementwaterproofingworldwide.com to learn more about one particular company’s services.

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