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How bad times Makes our Faith Stronger

As Christians our faith can often be tested but this does not mean we are being tested by God. We will encounter times of great joy and sorrow throughout life. During times when our resolve is tested this is the time you must strengthen your faith and continue to believe with all of your heart God will be there for you. A Free Word of Prophecy can often help reinstate your faith and help you get through trials and tribulations of life.

So many people will shake their fists towards heaven asking “Why me?” when something bad happens but this will not help you get through difficult times. When you are faced with difficulty it is far better to thank God for trusting you can handle the challenges that life sends and strengthen your faith by praying for strength. Those who are truly faithful to God do not lose their faith in times of difficulty. Instead they take time to contemplate their difficulties and learn how God can help them.

Bad things happen to good people. As a Christian you must take comfort knowing God is there to help you face your strife and be determined to overcome it with God’s love. Your prayers as well as contemplation during your daily devotions can offer you the strength you need to carry on and know that happiness is just around the corner.

With faith you are able to believe that in good time the bad moments will pass and you will see happiness again. Your faith provides you with the stamina you need to find happiness and learn how to reach out to God and those around you to support you when it seems things are becoming too hard to bear. God’s love will surround you and protect you from too much pain and allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Those with faith believe they are always walking with God and that he will bring them through their hard times stronger and happier. If you are faced with a true challenge in life do not give up your faith. A free word of prophecy will offer you the guidance you need to remain strong.

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