When Arranging Limo Service, Cheaper Is Not Always Better

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Transportation

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Rarely does anyone hire a limousine service in Tampa if it is not a special occasion. You may be getting ready to attend the theatre or dine at one of Tampa’s fabulous restaurants or you may be hiring the limo for your daughter’s wedding; whatever the occasion you want to eliminate the possibility of anything going wrong. You can save time, trouble and disappointment by taking a few advanced preparations.

Understand that a limo service is like any business, it must have an office and they will publish their address. Be well aware that a business that only has a PO Box does not have a physical location in most cases; the business is run out of the owner’s home. There is nothing wrong with this if you have an internet business for example but how can limos be cleaned and maintained in someone’s driveway. You must also be a little concerned if the phone number is a cellular phone and not a fixed land line.

When you do call for limousine service in Tampa, even if the call is received on a landline, be aware of how the call is answered. If it is a child, then hang up and go elsewhere, if it is an adult, pay particular attention to the degree of professionalism shown; they should answer politely, stating the name of the business and offering any assistance. The individual who answers should be courteous and invite any questions that you may have about the vehicles, services and prices.

Eventually you will be asked to enter into a contract if your expectations include anything special. Insist that the company you are talking to fax or email a formal quotation along with any documents, including contracts, which you will be asked to sign.

As engaging a limousine service in Tampa may be a one-time deal you may be reluctant to agree without any knowledge of the fleet. The company should be more than happy for you to drop by their offices, if they have them, and look at the vehicles for yourself. The last thing you want is to plan a special event only to be disappointed when the limo does not meet up to your expectations.

The company with the lowest rates may not be the best bet, ask questions and don’t be afraid to call the local BBB to see if there are any outstanding complaints or issues with the company.

You will never any unanswered questions or doubts about the limousine service in Tampa when you use Luxor Transportation & Limousine Service.

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