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Areas In Your Home Where A Technician Will Perform Leak Detection In Bellevue

When a water pipe, toilet or drain is leaking, not only is this running up your water bill, but it’s also damaging your home. If you can’t find that annoying leak, you should call a qualified professional for Leak Detection in Bellevue. After discovering where the leak is originating, the technician can make the necessary repairs and solve the problem. Below are some common reasons why you may have a leak in your home.


If the area underneath your sink is wet and you notice a drip coming off one of the water pipes, you’ll need to have it repaired. Check the shutoff valve for a leaky stem and tighten the nut if it’s loose or replace the valve if tightening does not stop the leak. The drain pipe could also be leaking at the joints and if this is the problem, the washer could be bad. Replace the washer if it’s damaged or coat the opening of the pipe with joint compound before reattaching it.


A leaky toilet that goes undetected can eventually ruin the floor underneath. Unbolt the toilet, remove it and check the flange for any damage. If it’s cracked or not securely bolted to the floor, this can cause toilet leaks. If the flange is not the problem, remove the wax ring that rests on top of the flange and replace it with a new one.


Leaks can originate from your shower or tub and cause water damage to your floors and first floor ceilings if your bathroom is on the second floor. Remove the flange from the drain, clean the gunk off of it and seal it with silicone caulk. Before placing the flange back into the drain, replace the rubber gasket. The tiles in your shower are also a common reason for leaks. When the grout between the tiles crack or fall out, water can get into the cracks and cause damage to the walls. If this is the reason for your leak, a technician that specializes in Leak Detection in Bellevue can easily identify the problem.

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