Are DUI Lawyer in Rockford, IL Really Needed? Jul24


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Are DUI Lawyer in Rockford, IL Really Needed?

Many people who get their first DUI ask whether DUI lawyers in Rockford, IL are really needed. The answer is a definitive “yes” in virtually every case. The primary reason for this is that Rockford, IL takes DUI offenses quite seriously and even just one DUI can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Between the heavy financial losses, the driver’s license suspension, and the insurance penalties, a DUI in Illinois can be serious. The following are a few things that Illinois residents need to know about DUIs.

The Amount of Alcohol That Qualifies

A blood alcohol concentration (also known as BAC) of 0.08 percent or more is enough to qualify as intoxication in Illinois. In the case of commercial drivers, this BAC is lowered to 0.04 percent. For minors, a BAC of 0.02 percent or more will qualify as intoxication that generates a DUI. The higher that a person tests on the BAC test, the worse the consequences could be.

No matter what the number was, any DUI charge is serious. An experienced DUI lawyer in Rockford Il is well acquainted with the legal system, the judges, and the specific rules about DUI in Illinois. Working with such a lawyer is the best chance to avoid disastrous long-term consequences.

What About Refusing the Test?

Many people wonder whether refusing a BAC test will help them avoid a DUI. In the state of Illinois, this potential loophole has been decisively closed. Anyone who refuses to submit to a BAC test is immediately arrested as if they had tested positive for DUI. The state will also suspend the driver’s license and will require an ignition interlock device on the vehicle in order to regain driving privileges.

Refusing the DUI test can be even more complicated than taking the BAC test and facing the results, but it does depend on each individual case. A person who refused to take the BAC test could still potentially avoid legal ramifications if they work with an attorney who is highly experienced in the area of DUI law in Illinois.

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