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Arabic Clothing for Men – East Essence

When it comes to Arabic clothing for men, designers have been less involved in establishing impressive new lines. Nevertheless, new trends have continued to make their mark. Traditional to classic thawb continue to appear on the marketplace. This expands the choice for men who wish to wear Arabic clothing daily or only for special occasions.

Elegance and Comfort

The new look for Arabic clothing for men comes from a variety of contemporary designers. They are producing quality Kurtas and elegant Sherwanis with dupattas. The delicate embroidery of a Kurta is enhanced by the use of off-white Art Silk fabric. The manly colors of gold, red and brown enhance the basic design.

Materials are also chosen with care. They are selected to ensure quality, comfort and ease of care. Intricately woven cottons and linens are used in conjunction with polyester blends. The mixing and matching guarantees comfort as well as allowing for simplicity of care.

Designing for Men

The market for Arabic clothing for men is continuing to expand. While some designers are only marketing specific Tee-shirts, others are making inroads into what is essentially an untapped market. Men’s apparel can focus on different aspects – the kurta in particular allows for innovation. Overall the newly arising industry is one that can combine the traditional with a more modern approach.

Hatem Alakeel is “rethinking the thobe” while others are focusing on different aspects of men’s apparel. Brands are also emerging, including KJ. In a few years, the market for a hybrid form of Arabic clothing for men will be more readily available. Until then, the clothing you can purchase is of high quality and comes at a reasonable price.

The Results

When it comes to styles and fabrics, the variety is commendable and the quality premium. Patterns vary as does the material and colors. Choose from seasonal variations in hues and patterns. Choose from such natural fibers as wool, silk and cotton or make your selection from poly and rayon blends. Style is continuing to enter into the occasion. This is particularly true for thobes for formal and special occasions.

Final Words

The approach toward Arabic men wear is certain to continue to evolve. The coming years will see an increase in the production of clothing that is stylish as well as comfortable.