How to Apply Clear Erase Properly

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Home and Garden

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Keeping the interior of a house appealing and beautiful is an idea that any homeowner can relate to today. While some people prefer having a showy atmosphere and décor in their homes, others like to keep things simple, yet attractive. Clear erase is among the products that may be used to personalize the appearance of interior surfaces of walls. This product can transform the interior surfaces of your house into a whiteboard. With this paint applied on the walls of your home, you can easily create an artist’s canvas to display various masterpieces. This product allows you to create various decorations on your walls without affecting the appearance of the surfaces.

Clear Erase is a dry coat that may be applied to any wall surface seamlessly, just like a traditional paint. Following its application, the product transforms the surface into a cleanable and durable surface. The paint will not interfere with the current color of the surface, but rather make it resistant to common marks, daily wear and scribbles. For effective application of this paint, you should follow the following procedure.

Surface Preparation

Before application, the surface has to be prepared. It should be well cleaned to eliminate mildew, grease and dirt. You should also ensure that the surfaces are smooth and dry before applying the paint. To level the scratches and holes on the surface, you should apply a primer and then paint the surface. You should then allow the surface to dry completely; this may take up to four hours.

Mixing Clear Erase

While pouring part one of the paint into part two, you should stir thoroughly. The stirring should go on for about four minutes. While stirring, you should ensure that you do not leave any unmixed paint on the sides of the can. When the solution starts to thicken, you should leave it to “sweat-in” for about five minutes before applying it. However, the paint has to be applied an hour after mixing. Again, you should not reseal the cans after mixing the two parts of the paint.


To apply the paint, you should apply the mixed solution into a clean metal tray and apply it to the wall using a 1/4” nap microfiber roller. While applying this paint, you should only cut in as far as you can paint before the paint starts to dry. This may be achieved by working with manageable 3-4 ft. Sections and maintaining a wet edge as you apply the paint.

After application, the painted surface should be inspected from all sides to ensure that no pin-holes are formed. The applied surface should have a uniform coverage and should be cured in, preferably, five days. After curing, you should clean the surface using a surface conditioner and then buff it with a clean, cloth.

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