The Answers to Your Questions About Roof Replacement

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Home Improvement

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One of the most extensive and costly home improvement repairs that a homeowner can be faced with is the replacement of a roof.  While a roof can often be patched or repaired, there often comes a time when a home is aging and a roof replacement is inevitable.  When faced with an undertaking so large, homeowners often begin the process by asking these basic questions.

How do I decide which contractor to select?
According to many roof replacement experts, one of the most important rules to remember when selecting a contractor is that cheaper is not always better.  While come companies come in low on the cost spectrum, it is widely believed that these companies use lower quality materials and less skilled workers to keep costs low.  Homeowners should get several quotes from contractors in their area and narrow their choices down to the ones who give quotes that fall in the middle of the cost spectrum.  Other things to look for when selecting a contractor are thorough, well-written scopes of work and contracts, as well as a list of references that have been pleased with the company’s work in the past.

What type of warranty should I look for?
In most roofing projects, homeowners will receive a warranty both from the contractor, and from the company who manufactured the shingles used on the project.  Typically, shingles are warrantied for extended periods, ranging from twenty years to a lifetime.  Be sure that when your roof replacement is complete, your contractor provides you with a manufacturer’s warranty certificate.  Depending on the specific contractor you choose, a labor warranty is typically offered as well, and ranges one to two years on average.  Since there is no industry standard for these types of warranties, be sure that the contractor you choose offers a warranty that you are content with.

What is the best roof system for my house?
Since there is no one roof system that works best for all types of homes, it is important to be sure that the contractor you select is knowledgeable about your home and your roofing needs.  Once you are confident that the type of roof your contractor recommends is the right fit, be sure that your contractor is using high quality materials and skilled workers to complete the project.

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