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Animal Hospital in Oahu: Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe this Summer

Many pets end up at the Animal Hospital in Oahu during the summer months due to getting into harsh chemicals or other dangers associated with the outdoors. Below you will find some tips to keep your pets safe as you go about your outdoor activities, so that you do not end up at the vet on a warm summer afternoon.


Bugs will bother your pets, just as much as they bother you. Mosquitoes carry the disease that gives your dog heartworms, so you need to be 100 percent sure that your pup has visited the Animal Hospital in Oahu, to have his heartworm treatment, before you let him out in the summer sun for any amount of time. You need to watch the bees and wasps around your pet as well. Many of them try to catch them in their mouths; keeping a fly swat handy can solve that problem in a heartbeat.

Lawn and Garden

Spring is the time for planting, and many homeowners have garden and lawn pesticides lying around to treat their gardens and grass. Make sure to keep these items up and away from your pets. If you are having your lawn treated professionally, make sure to follow the instructions provided for how long you should keep your pets off the lawn. You need to keep gasoline, paint, and insect repellent away from your pets at all times. If your pet gets into any of these poisons, make sure that you get them to The Honolulu Pet Clinic right away for treatment.

Plants and Bushes

There are actually many types of plants, bushes, and shrubbery that is lethal to your pet. For example, did you know that Easter Lilies could cause kidney failure in cats? With that being said, make sure that you always know exactly what your pet is up to when he is running around your yard.

Spring is for Lovers

Remember that when the weather starts heating up, so do animals. Make sure to act responsibly and have your pet spayed or neutered to help control the overgrown pet population everywhere. You will be glad that you did.