An Explanation of Dental Treatment in Framingham, MA

Most individuals take good care of their teeth and their visits every six months with a dentist only consist of a deep cleaning and x-ray imaging. But for those who find cavities or have unusual oral pains, dental treatment is needed. Similar to hospital care, it can be scary not understanding the treatments a dentist offers. This article will briefly explain the common oral techniques used by a dentist. You can contact us for dental treatment in Framingham, MA if you have any other questions.

Clearing Out Damage

Most people will get cavities or small chips in their teeth or they will damage their gums or teeth at some point in their lives. “Getting a filling” is the term used for the most commonly used dental treatment. Fillings and repairs clean out infected teeth and, depending on the damage, a dentist will fill in that hole with bonding treatments, crowns, caps, or veneers. If the damage is deep within the tooth or gums, a root canal is needed to get to the center of the tooth and clean out the inside of the tooth first. Once the tooth is cleared of any and all infection, the dentist can then repair the damage.

Repairing the Smile

Bonding treatments can be used for a variety of damaged teeth to fill in small cracks and decay. For this treatment, a composite resin is mixed and whitened to the same shade of your teeth. The mixture is then layered on the damaged teeth and buffed once reaching the proper shape. Some dentists also use bonding to fill in gaps and whiten teeth.

Veneers are pieces of porcelain shaped to fit your teeth beforehand, which are then bonded to the slightly ground-down teeth. This process usually takes multiple visits to the dentist and is used for the more severe cases that bonding can’t fix.

Caps and crowns also usually take multiple visits but are made from a variety of porcelain or metal composites. Crowns and caps are bonded to the top of your teeth and help prevent future damage. When treating the front teeth, a dentist usually uses porcelain to better match your teeth and keep a clean smile since dental treatment is not just about your health but the look of your teeth as well.

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